FSF India Board Statement On RMS Re-joining The FSF Board

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The Free Software Foundation of India has released a statement in support of Richard Stallman and his return to the FSF's board. They call the recent attempts at vilifying Richard Stallman "dangerous".

written by Free Software Foundation of India 2020-04-10. Published by LinuxReviews 2020-04-14 - last edited 2021-04-22.

RMS PC130500.JPG
Richard Stallman working on a laptop. Photo credit: Richard Stallman. Licensed under CC BY-ND.

"The recent statement by some members of the wider free software and open source community to RMS re-joining the board of FSF as a member have led to some unnecessary friction in the community. Unfortunately many of the arguments made against him were based on misunderstanding and half truths. More dangerous is concerted attack on RMS vilifying him and trying to isolate him. FSF India condemns this action. There is no freedom more important than freedom of thought and expression.

We welcome and encourage the efforts of FSF to improve their governance process and hope that the larger free software community will also support them in this process.

FSF India is an independent and autonomous non-profit organization. It continues to stand and work for the cause of free software. It is committed to making all its forums and programs inclusive and promoting diversity while standing firm on the ideals set out by the GNU project.

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