F-Droid 1.7.1 available

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There's not much new in the latest version of the free software Android appstore. There is no mention of version 1.7.1 in the changelog and there is no news on the f-droid website. A close-up inspection of the gitlab repository indicates that only a donation related file has been changed since 1.7 was released early last month.

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F-Droid version 1.7.1

The f-droid changelog mentions changes to F-Droid version 1.7 and that is the latest version listed in that file. A glance at fdroidclient on gitlab indicates that only FUNDING.yml is changed since 1.7 was released early last month and this may be why there is no mention of F-Droid version 1.7.1 in the changelog. The funding file appears to be related to the sponsors feature Microsoft Github launched back in May. F-Droid is developed on gitlab not github but it never hurts to beg for money where you can.

A lot of the the applications available in the appstore have been updated since last month. We feel compelled to mention that OSMand is a great map and navigation program which allows you to download maps and navigate without any network connection. There is also the very sensible and easy to use Vanilla Music Player. These and other great free software programs can easily be installed using the F-Droid appstore for Android which is available from f-droid.org.