Dooble Web Browser 2020.07.07 Is Released

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The mysterious developer "textfield" has released a new version the Dooble web browser which is desribed in the bundled as a "weather bug browser". The Dooble browser uses the mature Qt5 webview module to render web pages. It supports tabs and most other features you would expect from a simpler modern web browser. The latest release adds HiDPI and Qt 5.15 support.

written by 林慧 (Wai Lin) 2020-07-06 - last edited 2020-07-07. © CC BY

Dooble "July" 2020.07.07.

Dooble 2020.07.07 has new High DPI support as well as Qt 5.15.0 LTS support. Those are the items that stand out in the git commit log. The RELEASE-NOTES.html also mentions that this versions has:

  • Native Qt HMAC.
  • dooble_settings::setting() may not return the provided default value if a database-access error occurs. Corrected.

It also mentions that you may want to:

  • Please remove dooble_settings.db if Dooble does not launch correctly. Qt 5.15.0 LTS.

The Searx instance is set asa the default search engine.

The new version installs to /opt/ instead of /usr/local if you install using the Debian .deb package available at SourceForge. There is also some kind of .dmg file which may or may not be for macOS available there. Those using other GNU/Linux distributions or other operating systems like FreeBSD will have to compile it and figure out how to install it on their own. Fedora users can use these instructions for Fedora. Dooble has a GitHub page with source code.

Dooble is free software released under the "Dooble BSD License" (Identical to the 3-clause BSD license).

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