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Dooble is a free software web browser made using the Qt toolkit's webview module. It's github page describes it as "A colorful Web browser". Releases are made for Windows, MacOS and Debian. It can be compiled for other GNU/Linux variants beyond Debian as well as FreeBSD but ready-to-use releases are not made. Compiling and installing it on GNU/Linux systems beyond Debian is not that difficult if you are a wizard but it is not strait-forward if you are clueless. The Debian installation README is not at all useful on other GNU/Linux variants. Once installed it's a working browser but it's not great and it has some flaws which makes it unsuitable as a daily driver web browser.

Features and usability

Dooble compiled from git on 2019-10-07 running on Fedora Linux 31 (beta, it's not released).

Dooble renders web pages fine thanks to Qt5's webview module. Advanced pages with lots of JavaScripts work fine.

It is immediately noticeable that Dooble's URL bar is only a URL bar like it is 1999 and web browsers just became a thing. The URL bar can not be used to search any default search-engine. There is no way to set a default search engine to be used in it's configuration either. The address bar is strictly for typing in addresses to web pages.

It is possible to set a default page for new tabs in Dooble's configuration. This default page could be a search-engine (the default is a blank page). The lack of support for using the address bar to search becomes a non-issue if you set the default page to be a Searx instance or some other privacy-respecting search page.

Dooble has some configuration options but there's not that many.

There is nothing in the configuration options for blocking advertisements or anything like that. Further, there does not appear to be any support for third party plugins like UBlock Origin.

The lack of ability to configure font sizes and scaling for HiDPI displays is disturbing. This is an issue with other lesser known web browsers like Midori and Falkon too. It is possible to make a page bigger or smaller with ctrl+ and ctrl- but new tabs opened from a zoomed in page will get the default font sizes.

Verdict and Conclusion

Dooble is a .. web browser which is usable. However, it's nothing special, it is not outstanding, and it has some basic issues like too small fonts on HiDPI displays. It has potential but it just ain't anywhere near great as of October 2019.


Dooble has a page with a files section where packages for MacOS, Windows and Debian are made available. The source code is available at

Fedora 30-31

Compiling Dooble on Fedora is strait-forward (as of October 2019) if you have the required -devel development packages and you know what you are doing. If you don't then Dooble is probably not for you as there are no ready to use RPM packages or repositories with it.
cd dooble/2.x
qmake-qt5  -o Makefile
make -j$(nproc)

This produces a binary called Dooble in the dooble/2.x folder.

There is no support for make install to install the thing. There is a file called Documentation/README.DEBIAN which has a whole lot of sudo cp statements which copies files into /usr/local/dooble/. Based on this it's possible to make a custom install file,

mkdir -p /usr/local/dooble/Data
mkdir -p /usr/local/dooble/Documentation
mkdir -p /usr/local/dooble/Lib
mkdir -p /usr/local/dooble/Translations

cp -p ./Documentation/*.pdf /usr/local/dooble/Documentation/.
cp -p ./Documentation/KDE /usr/local/dooble/Documentation/.
cp -p ./Documentation/TO-DO /usr/local/dooble/Documentation/.
cp -p ./Documentation/dooble.asc /usr/local/dooble/Documentation/.
cp -p ./Documentation/dooble.pol /usr/local/dooble/Documentation/.
cp -p ./Dooble /usr/local/dooble/.
cp -p ./Icons/Logo/dooble.png /usr/local/dooble/.
cp -p ./Translations/*.qm /usr/local/dooble/Translations/.
cp -pr ./Data/*.txt /usr/local/dooble/Data/.
cp -pr ./Data/README /usr/local/dooble/Data/.
cp -pr ./qtwebengine_dictionaries /usr/local/dooble/.

chmod -R a+rX /usr/local/dooble/

The file to launch it in the git repository isn't ideal on Fedora. However, one may simply use this:

File: /usr/local/bin/

# Disable
export QT_X11_NO_MITSHM=1

if [ -r /usr/local/dooble/Dooble ] && [ -x /usr/local/dooble/Dooble ]
    cd /usr/local/dooble && exec ./Dooble -style fusion "$@"
    exit $?
    exit 1

Make that file executable with chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/ and you will be able to start Dooble by running in a terminal.

Dooble comes with a default dooble.desktop with Exec=/usr/local/dooble/ which isn't in the default path. You could put the above there or just create this:

File: /usr/share/applications/dooble.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Dooble Web Browser
GenericName=Dooble Web Browser
Comment=Dooble Web Browser


We have no idea. Ask Beastie? Please add instructions if you are using a variety of devil OS and know how to get Dooble running on it.


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