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Derek Taylor
Derek Taylor's website as of April 2021.
NationalitySounds American
Known forInteresting and sometimes thought-provoking videos about free software and technology
Opponent(s)GNOME, 白左 activists
Ally/AlliesFree software users, people with critical thinking skills
Criminal chargeThought-crime
Criminal penaltyShunned by the GNOME Foundation
Criminal statusThought-criminal

Distrotube, aka Derek Taylor, is a Internet video producer who mostly makes videos about free software with a focus on GNU/Linux operating systems and software.

Notable Quotes

"Sometimes people just need to be cancelled"

In "GNOME Board Members Must Resign In Disgrace", March 26th, 2021


Distrotube lists several free software programs he uses on his various sites. Those include the Brave Web Browser, OBS Studio, Kdenlive, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, Audacity, VirtualBox and Doom EMacs.

Content By Distrotube

We are only hosting and mirrors tiny tiny portion of his videos. See "Links" for a list of his official channels where you can see the very huge variety of videos Taylor has made over the years.



Distribute has a IRC presence in #distrotube on Freenode.

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