BlackArch Linux 2019.06.01 brought Back From the Future is Now Available

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Version 2019.06.01 of the Arch Linux based Live ISO penetration testing distribution is now available with 150 new security tools, kernel version 5.1.4 and updated packages across the board.

The distribution's ISO weighs in at 12 GB so you need a 16 GB USB stick to apply. There is also a smaller 650 MB net installer image in case you really want to install it on your machine and get that tingly black-hat feeling.

BlackArch Linux is meant to be put on a USB stick and booted at locations where you are kindly asked to test the local networks security or break into a machine in order to recover a password for someone who forgot it.

There's no details as to what exploit was found and used to make the distribution available one week before it's release.