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BlackArch Linux is a special purpose Penetration Testing distribution which comes as a 12 GB ISO meant to be put on a bootable USB stick. It includes a huge as in gigantic collection of more than 2000+ security-related softwarez. The latest version 2019.06.01 was released on May 25th, 2019.

Features and usability

First of all: This distribution is meant to be put on a USB stick and used for security research on systems in hostile or friendly environments. It is not meant to be a desktop OS used to browse Instagram (It can be installed and it does come with Firefox and Chromium so you could use it for that purpose too).

The initial boot-screen when put on a USB stick and booted into from a system of interest gives you the option of booting "BlackArch Linux" or "BlackArch Linux (non-free)". The non-free option will load the proprietary Nvidia drivers. There is also the option of running memtest, "Hardware Information", "Boot existing OS" and reboot and power-off.


Booting BlackArch takes you to a login screen where you have to use root as username and blackarch as password. You will find yourself in fluxbox once you have logged in.

Fluxbox is configured with a nice-looking theme and it's menu is populated with security-software divided into logical categories.


Starting the majority of items in the menu will simply launch xterm with with a help-text explaining the syntax of the program you ask for. This is to be expected as the majority of the included tools are command-line tools.

BlackArch's no-desktop with fluxbox window-manager interface and do it in a terminal approach makes this distribution hard to impossible to use for most people while it is also very user-friendly for it's target audience. It has exactly what you need in terms of both tools and interface.

So much software

There is a very long list of tools at the BlackArch Linux here:

Many books can and probably are being written about all these tools. There are a lot. If you've heard rumors of some piece of security-related software you'll very likely find that it is included in this distribution. It's clearly got that area covered.


If you need to do some security-research or simply forgot your Windows password or your WIFI password and you are looking for a Live distribution then you will probably find that BlackArch has everything you need and more.

You can download it from

You will want to use the "torrent" download option as that's much faster. It's a big download, so it will take a while regardless of what you choose.


Anonymous user #1

11 months ago
Score 0++

I can't seem to burn the blackarch Linux iso file properly on my ( usb hdd ) ... I tried so many methods : iso burners ,

dd comand ... And each time I get the same result of a partition ( named blackarch_efi ) with about 64mb file and a the rest of my usb storage is free space ... So if any one knows the results plz let me know

Anonymous user #2

10 months ago
Score 0++
What's the size of your usb? Did you format the drive in advance?

Anonymous user #3

4 months ago
Score 0++

Use Netinstall insted ! This is not system to boot around ! It consider installing on bere metal best compile from source if you can wait it goes around 30 hours. I trie every best for me NetInstall method is master..

my system have around 35G when do unpack and extract ...

Anonymous user #4

2 months ago
Score 0++
i burned it successfully to a sandisk cruzer 128 gig thumbdrive with 20 gig persistent using rufus tool whichj did update stuff during install. i used this version: blackarch-linux-full-2020.12.01-x86_64
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