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Xine v10.99.5

xine is a outdated stand-alone media-player and multimeida library (xine-lib) which used to the back-end for numerous GNU/Linux media players. It was also used for things like video file preview in KDE file dialog boxes. Xine has not been updated since 2007.

Video players: SMPlayer | mpv | VLC | GNOME Videos

discontinued: Xine | GMPlayer | MPlayer

Stand-alone Audio players:

Filesystem-oriented: Audacious
Database-oriented: Elisa | Strawberry | Exaile | GNOME Music
Bankrupt and finished: Clementine | Amarok

Music Player Daemon audio player clients:

GUI: Cantata | GMPC | Xfmpc (Xfce)
ncurses: ncmpc - Command-line: mpc
Dead and berried: Sonata | KMP | Glurp