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Xine v10.99.5

xine is a outdated stand-alone media-player and multimeida library (xine-lib) which used to the back-end for numerous GNU/Linux media players. It was also used for things like video file preview in KDE file dialog boxes. Xine has not been updated since 2007.


Program rating framework backend highlights
Celluloid Kim.Se-jeong.confused.jpgKim.Se-jeong.confused.jpg GTK mpv Has a playlist. Otherwise very limited.
GNOME Videos Hyuna-approves.jpg GTK/GNOME gstreamer Useless GUI, problems playing a lot of files
mpv Yeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpg libmpv On-screen controls. No playlist, no GUI. Plays everything.
VLC Yeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpg libvlc Fully featured. Playlist, advanced playback options, video conversion, live stream recording
SMPlayer Yeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpgYeonjung-happy.jpg Qt mpv Fully featured. Playlist, advanced playback options, easy to use.

discontinued: Xine | GMPlayer | MPlayer