Wine 4.0.1 is now available

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The Wine team have announced an new maintenance release for the Wine compatibility layer which allows you to run Windows games and applications on Linux. This is a minor bugfix release which addresses a total of 44 bugs. There's also updated translations for Sinhala and Tamil.

The specific changes to Wine since version 4.0 are:

Alexandre Julliard (2):

  • server: Report a 64-bit CPU for IL-only binaries.
  • dinput: Add error check to silence a compiler warning.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (4):

  • dsound: IDirectSoundNotify is only available when DSBCAPS_CTRLPOSITIONNOTIFY is specified.
  • mfplat: Implement MFGetSystemTime.
  • oleaut32: Correctly get the Currency separator in VarFormatCurrency.
  • oleaut32: Support VT_DECIMAL in VarRound.

Andrew Eikum (1):

  • winhttp: Don't crash setting up secure proxy.

Brendan McGrath (2):

  • vbscript: Allow more keywords to be used as identifiers.
  • vbscript: Allow most keywords to be used as 'dot' identifiers.

David Adam (2):

  • ddraw/tests: Add tests for the "dwMipMapCount" field of texture sub-levels.
  • ddraw: Fix the "dwMipMapCount" field of texture sub-levels.

Dmitry Timoshkov (2):

  • windowscodecs: Implement IWICPalette::InitializeFromBitmap.
  • wpcap: Fix compilation with recent pcap/pcap.h versions.

Fabian Maurer (2):

  • api-ms-win-crt-private-l1-1-0: Update to 10.0.17134.12 (WinBuild.160101.0800).
  • ucrtbase: Forward a few functions for dxil.dll and pkgmgr.exe.

Gabriel Ivăncescu (1):

  • libport: Handle partially overlapping buffers.

Gijs Vermeulen (3):

  • msvcp140: Export _Equivalent and port tests.
  • ntdll: Validate len in NtQueryVirtualMemory.
  • kernel32: Add DECLSPEC_HOTPATCH to SizeofResource().

Hans Leidekker (3):

  • secur32: Return ISC_RET_USED_SUPPLIED_CREDS for schannel contexts if the feature was requested.
  • mscms: Add a partial implementation of WcsOpenColorProfileA/W.
  • msi: Avoid a crash in RemoveFiles if the component directory is invalid.

Isira Seneviratne (10):

  • po: Update Sinhala translation.
  • po: Update Sinhala translation.
  • po: Update Sinhala translation.
  • po: Add Tamil translation.
  • po: Update Tamil translation.
  • po: Update Tamil translation.
  • kernel32: Add the Sinhala NLS file.
  • kernel32: Fix LOCALE_SSCRIPTS value for Sinhala.
  • kernel32/nls: Fix some values in Sinhala NLS file.
  • kernel32/nls: Change Sinhala sublang identifier to SUBLANG_SINHALESE_SRI_LANKA.

Jacek Caban (1):

  • ntoskrnl.exe: Add __C_specific_handler entry.

Józef Kucia (3):

  • ddraw: Pass correct box when mapping system memory vertex buffers.
  • d3d9: Validate surface parameter in d3d9_device_ColorFill().
  • wined3d: Add GPU information for Intel HD Graphics 620.

Ken Thomases (1):

  • loader: On Mac, move the top-down allocations area down to avoid regions reserved by the system.

Mark Jansen (1):

  • msi: Do not leak rootkey.

Matteo Bruni (3):

  • d3dx9: Improve D3DXMatrixTransformation() implementation.
  • d3dx9: Improve D3DXMatrixTransformation2D().
  • d3dx9/tests: Avoid some 64-bit test failures.

Michael Stefaniuc (1):

  • tools: Get the ANNOUNCE bug list from the stable-notes git notes.

Nikolay Sivov (9):

  • api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-2-1: Add missing FindResourceW() forward.
  • comctl32/progress: Handle min == max case in PBM_STEPIT.
  • user32/dialog: Fix setting negative dialog item ids.
  • d3d11: Implement d3d11_device_GetImmediateContext1().
  • comctl32/listview: Take care of scrolling offset when repositioning header.
  • comctl32/propsheet: Avoid posting uninitialized data (Valgrind).
  • comctl32/toolbar: Send BN_CLICKED for button that was pressed, not released.
  • usp10: Use single path for all fonts in ScriptGetCMap().
  • ucrtbase: Add ilogb* functions.

Paul Gofman (8):

  • wined3d: Use lower 8 bits only from _ALPHAREF state.
  • wined3d: Return 1e10f for MaxVertexW from wined3d_get_device_caps().
  • wined3d: Only use the LSB of the _SAMP_SRGB_TEXTURE state value.
  • kernel32/tests: Add test for overlapped file read.
  • ntdll/tests: Add more tests for overlapped file read.
  • ntdll: Return STATUS_PENDING from NtReadFile() for async read in case of no buffering.
  • kernel32: Add DECLSPEC_HOTPATCH to FindClose().
  • user32: Select more appropriate stretch mode for colored images interpolation.

Piotr Caban (4):

  • msvcrt: Optimize tolower function when locale was never changed.
  • msvcrt: Optimize toupper function when locale was never changed.
  • msvcp140: Don't forward __ExceptionPtrCreate to msvcr120.
  • msvcrt: Fix buffer overflow in _get_tzname.

Sebastian Lackner (1):

  • wtsapi32: Improve WTSQueryUserToken stub.

Sveinar Søpler (1):

  • wined3d: Add GPU information for the NVIDIA RTX series.

Sven Baars (14):

  • windowscodecs: Fix a memory leak (Valgrind).
  • gdiplus: Fix a memory leak on error path (Valgrind).
  • wsdapi: Fix some memory leaks (Valgrind).
  • strmbase: Fix some memory leaks (Valgrind).
  • ole32: Fix some memory leaks (Valgrind).
  • mstask: Fix some memory leaks on error path (Valgrind).
  • mstask: Move memory allocation to avoid a memory leak (Valgrind).
  • taskschd: Fix some memory leaks (Valgrind).
  • dinput: Free the device after a callback (Valgrind).
  • riched20: Fix IRichEditOle COM aggregation (Valgrind).
  • ws2_32: Use heap_realloc instead of HeapReAlloc to avoid an invalid realloc (Valgrind).
  • windowscodecs: Add missing source_bpp initialization (Valgrind).
  • setupapi: Add a missing return statement (Coverity).
  • dsound: Add missing SetEventHandle error handling (Coverity).

Vijay Kiran Kamuju (2):

  • user32: Add DlgDirList wildcard checks.
  • wmvcore: Add stub for WMCheckURlExtension.

Zebediah Figura (5):

  • comsvcs/tests: Add tests for implicit MTA creation in RegisterDispenser().
  • comsvcs: Create an implicit MTA thread in RegisterDispenser().
  • msvcr120: Add nexttoward implementation.
  • hid: Handle overlapped file handles.
  • ntdll: Avoid crashing while tracing parameters to NtCreateNamedPipeFile().

Zhiyi Zhang (5):

  • msacm32: Reference count local drivers.
  • user32: Check for null handle in GetRawInputData().
  • kernel32: Add DECLSPEC_HOTPATCH to VirtualAllocEx().
  • d3d8: Fix building on Mac.
  • user32: Fix a memory leak.

The full release announcement can be read at