Will Huawei laptop improvements get accepted into the Linux kernel?

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The US trade-war against China is currently raging in the technology sector with a US ban of Chinese telecoms gigant Huawei. Companies ranging from Google to Microsoft to ARM are cutting ties with Huawei. How this affects the Linux kernel and open source projects in general will be telling as to how much influence the US empire has over free software projects.

Ayman Bagabas submitted a patch which for the Huawei laptop extras driver to the kernel mailing list yesterday. The patch looks fine. Bagabas is not new to kernel programming and has been maintaining this driver for years. The patch would have no problem being accepted under normal circumstances.

The patch has not yet made it into the linux kernel git. If it does or does not is something worth paying attention to. It will say a lot about just how much we can trust the kernel developers to do the right thing when a country many of the kernel developers happen to live in go all-in in a trade-war under the pretense of "security issues".

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