WebKitGTK 2.25.1 released!

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A new development release of the WebKit GTK port used by the popular light-weight web browser Midori for Linux and Android is now available. Sub-process sandboxing and better handling of dark GTK themes are among this milestone towards a stable 2.26-series.

The Midori Web browser uses WebKitGTK to do it's rendering.

WebKitGTK is, as the name implies, a port of the very commonly used WebKit rendering engine to GTK. You can use this free software to make your application show some HTML or use it to build a complete fully functional browser.

The changes since the last release are:

  • Add support for subprocess sandboxing.
  • Add API to get the web process unique identifier of a WebKitFrame.
  • Add WebKitWebPage::did-associate-form-controls-for-frame signal and deprecate did-associate-form-controls.
  • Implement AtkComponentIface scroll_to methods.
  • Improve rendering of form controls when GTK theme is dark and enable prefers-color-scheme media query.
  • Show the emoji chooser popover for editable content.
  • Fix touch capabilities detection for websites checking touch events properties present in window or pointer media queries.
  • Fix several crashes and rendering issues.

You can try the Midori web browser to see what WebKitGTK can do.

You can visit https://www.webkitgtk.org for more information about the technology.