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wlroots is a library with everything you need to create a Wayland compositor. It is currently used by the Sway tiling window manager. Developer Simon Ser revealed some pretty big plans for future improvements to the wlroots library at the X.Org developers conference last week. Vulkan rendering is among the items on the to-do list.

written by 林慧 (Wai Lin) 2020-09-21 - last edited 2020-10-11. © CC BY

The wlroot developers have done a great job writing a 50,000 lines large library. But that's, apparently, not enough. Future plans include support for a Vulkan renderer, a software renderer, zero-copy screen capture, zero-copy presentation (direct scan-out) and support for using DRM and headless backends at the same time.

You can watch Simon Ser's lightning presentation below. It's just 8 minutes.

Copyright X.Org Developers Conference 2020. Licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY.

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