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Last reviewed Linux distributions:
  • Focal fossa
    220px-Cryptoprocta Ferox.JPG
    Ubuntu version 20.04 from April of 2020 codenamed "focal fossa" referring to cryptoprocta ferox, as the Latin name goes. A fossa is a cat-like creature from Madagascar. fun fact: The generic name crypto procta refers to how the animal's anus is hidden by its anal pouch, from the Ancient Greek words crypto- "hidden", and procta "anus".
  • Linux Mint
    Linux Mint is a GNU/Linux distribution most notable for its distinct green and black branding. It it based on Ubuntu Linux LTS releases with the latest (as of early 2020) Linux Mint 19.3 release based on Ubuntu 18.04. It is available as live ISO images with either Cinnamon, MATE or Xfce. Linux Mint adds its own branding, some custom configuration files and newer versions of Cinnamon and MATE to its Ubuntu LTS variant. The differences beyond that are minor.
  • AntiX
    antiX Linux is a really light-weight GNU/Linux operating system designed to either be extremely snappy on new hardware or highly usable on older hardware. It is based on Debian with many of Debians standard components replaced with lighter alternatives. It features IceWM as it's default desktop and the antiX developers have done a wonderful job customizing it's defaults to make it look good and act great.
  • Alpine Linux
    Alpine Linux runs entirely in RAM, thus must be very small - but is fast as hell and a "minimal" GNU/Linux distribution.
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