Snek version 1.0 Announced for Python-Like programming on Tiny Embedded Systems

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Good news if you want to program on a really tiny SoC and MicroPython is way to big: There is an even smaller alternative for systems with just one or two kB of memory and little to no processing power. And it's now mature enough to be called version 1.0.


Snek is largely a very small subset of Python so you will feel right at home if you know the fundamentals of that language. The only real difference is that most of what you are used to being in the toolbox isn't there.

The fine Snek manual includes a tutorial which will get you started if you would like to program for really tiny and limited devices.

On the fun side of things there's one application which some may find rather interesting: Snek is a good choice for programming tiny devices that can be combined with Lego blocks to make robots.

You can find the release-announcement for version 1.0 at