SimpleMailQt V2.0.0-beta 1 Is Released With Asynchronous Support

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The new version of this e-mail library for Qt developers supports asynchronous e-mail fetching. This is important because the SMTP e-mail standard requires clients to actually wait for replies and this could take time. Having a thread sit there waiting for a response while the application is frozen is no fun. The new version solves that and adds support for the SMTP RESET command as well.

src/server.cpp from simple-mail-2.0.0-beta1

SimpleMailQt is primarily made for the The Qt Web Framework Cutelyst! so this is mostly good news for those who are using that framework to develop web applications. A stalled web server which is just sitting there waiting for a response form a back-end e-mail server, which could happen with web applications using the previous versions of this library, is a bad end-user experience. SimpleMailQt V2.0.0 solves that by fetching mail asynchronously.

There is also support for the SMTP RESET command in the new version. This is useful if a e-mail server responds with an error; doing a connection reset instead of establishing a brand new one is both quicker and bandwidth-saving (though we are talking a few bytes, not gigabytes).

SimpleMailQt could be used to develop desktop and mobile applications as well. You can read more about it over at the simple-mail github page. Developer Daniel Nicoletti's v2.0.0 beta1 release announcement has more details on the new beta and the plans for the final V2.0.0 release.