Qt Creator 4.10.0 released with Android targets for CMake and Qbs projects

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The latest version of the cross-platform IDE for developing software with the Qt toolkit has a new "pin" files feature which allows you to make files stay on top and never go away even if you bulk close all files in a project. There's also support for installing all files that are installed by your build system's install step on remote targets.

Qt creator editing the Kaidan XMPP instant messaging program.

The new pin feature allows you to have files always open and always readily available on top of the "Open Documents" pane. Pinned files remain open even if you choose to Close All Files in Project. This may be quite useful if you want a few files with notes or code-snippets to be there regardless of which project you are working on.

Developers targeting Android will be happy to learn that CMake and Qbs projects now support Android targets and perhaps not that happy to learn that MIPS64 support is gone and it will not be coming back.

There's also a lot of other small improvements and fixes listed in the not that long changelog. There's also a list of highlights in a Qt.io release announcement blog post.

Qt creator is available under a (L)GPL v3 license and, if you want to make evil proprietary software, a "Commercial" license. The morally acceptable GPL v3 version is typically available in GNU/Linux distributions repositories under the name qt-creator and a trial version of the commercial edition can be acquired from Qt's download page.