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PeerTube is a free software video hosting platform which can be used to setup a website similar to YouTube and BitChute. It is sort-of peer to peer software, one PeerTube instance can subscribe to and share videos from another PeerTube instance. The software is written for NodeJS. It can easily be setup on a server as long as it is fairly powerful (for video transcoding) and it has a high-bandwidth link.

Getting the software

PeerTube is free software available from

Sites running PeerTube is one example of how PeerTube can be used. It has many videos from free software conferences. appears to be the biggest and most popular PeerTube deployment.

There is a very long list of PeerTube video sites at has a 3 minute propaganda video about how the world will suppsedly end if we don't revert to caveman-like living-standards.