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BitChute is a video hosting site which uses the WebTorrent peer to peer technology to distribute the videos hosted there. It is frequently referred to as an alternative to YouTube even though it is, just like YouTube, a centralized service and a single point of failure. BitChute was started by Ray Vahey in 2017.

Peer To Peer technology

BitChute uses WebTorrent to distribute videos. It is a technology very similar to BitTorrent but it is not compatible; the vast majority of BitTorrent clients do not support the WebTorrent protocol.

BitChute uses WebTorrent for video distribution only; the website itself is required to find content. This makes BitChute a single point of failure even though it does use some p2p technology.


PeerTube is a free video content management system written in NodeJS which can be used to setup a video hosting website similar to BitChute. It too uses WebTorrent to distribute the video content. The advantage of setting up your own PeerTube instance is that you have complete control over your videos and you do not have to trust that BitChute does not go bankrupt or decide to start censoring videos. The obvious disadvantage is that there is a cost attached to hosting your own video website even if you use free software to do it.