Older Ubuntu Server Version Have Gained Support For AMD Rome Processors

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 The Linux kernel has had full support for AMD EPYC processors, code-named "ROME", since version 5.4. All the latest versions of modern distributions have the code required to utilize these second-generation high-end server processors. That has so far not been the case with older Long Term Support versions of Ubuntu. Canonical has now back-ported the required code to older kernels and given all their LTS versions support for AMD EPYC CPUs.

written by 林慧 (Wai Lin) 2020-07-02 - last edited 2020-07-02. © CC BY

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Some random picture of a server from pixabay

The Ubuntu server distributions with support for AMD EPYC processors are:

Xenial 16.04 Kernel 4.15.0-1051 or newer
Bionic 18.04 Kernel 4.18.0-1017 or newer (including all 5.0+)
Disco 19.04 Kernel 5.0+
Eoan 19.10 Kernel 5.3+
Focal 20.04 All kernels

The Ubuntu "server" editions can be acquired from ubuntu.com/download/server.