New Kernels: 5.2-rc5, 5.1.10, 4.19.51 and 4.14.126 released

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The stable kernels are, as always, tagged "All users of the _version_ kernel series must upgrade." but that's not really the case. We got Greg Kroah-Hartman to admit that it's just a standard boiler-plate which means absolutely nothing. That tag would be there even if the entire change-set consisted of fixing a spelling error in a documentation file.

New Stable Kernels with a Standard Boiler-Plate

You can upgrade NOW but you don't have to. The kernel release text saying you "must" do that is just a standard boiler-plate encouragement.

These new stable-branch kernels are, as usual, tagged with

"I'm announcing the release of the 5.1.10 kernel.

All users of the 5.1 kernel series must upgrade."

Greg Kroah-Hartman on the LKML, 2019-06-15

When we pressed the Greg on this and asked if there is actually any reason to upgrade he eventually admitted that it is just a standard boiler-plate text which means nothing. It's being added automatically regardless of what the actual changes to the code-base are.

The changelog's for the new releases of the stable kernels can be found here:

There's a lot of changes to the stable kernel branches but none are very critical or exciting.

New Release-Candidate for Kernel 5.2

Linux Kernel 5.2, which has many improvements and changes will be one of the bigger and more exciting kernel release in modern times, got a new and perhaps and final release-candidate today.

'The release of the final version of kernel 5.2 could be delayed due to travel. Linus Torvalds has this to say in an e-mail to the LKML:

"It's Sunday afternoon somewhere in the world".

In fact, it's barely Sunday afternoon back home, where I'll be later today. But not quite yet, and I continue my slightly flaky release schedule due to my normal release time being spent on an airplane once again.

In fact, that will happen the next two weekends too due to yet more travel. So the releases will not be quite the clockwork they usually are.

But the good news is that we're getting to the later parts of the rc series, and things do seem to be calming down. I was hoping rc5 would end up smaller than rc4, and so it turned out. There's some pending stuff still, but it all looks quite small and nothing seems to be particularly scary-looking.

And this time around we don't even have any huge SPDX updates, so the diffstat looks nice and small and clean too. Normal changes all over (with drivers being the bulk of it as it should be: sound stands out, but there's gpu, HID, USB, block.. ). Outside of driver fixes there's the usual noise all over: arch updates, documentation, and small misc fixes spread out.

As mentioned, nothing particularly stands out as being scary. Shortlog appended for details for those of you who want to scan over it quickly, it's not big.

Go forth and test, Linus"

Linus Torvalds: "Linux 5.2-rc5" on the LKML, 2019-06-16

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