Mesa 19.2.4 Emergency Release Available

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If you or the distribution you are using upgraded your Mesa graphics library to version 19.2.3 then this emergency release is for you. It fixes a "critical" bug found in Mesa 19.2.3 which affects all the Mesa drivers. Mesa 19.2.2 does not have this problem so you only need to care if you upgraded during the last two weeks.

tunnel2 from the mesa-demos package.

Mesa 19.2.3 was released a little over a week ago with a whole lot of small bug-fixes in a wide range of areas. One of the fixes introduced a nasty bug which causes glitching on all the Mesa graphics drivers. The 19.2.4 emergency release fixes this regression. Mesa release manager Dylan Baker had this to say about the emergency release:

"I'd like to announce mesa-19.2.4, which is available immediately. This is an emergency release, to fix a critical bug found in the 19.2.3 release which causes incomplete rendering on all mesa drivers. This release contains a single patch to fix that bug, anyone using 19.2.3 should immediately upgrade to 19.2.4 or downgrade to 19.2.2."

Mesa 19.2.4 release-announcement on the mesa-announce list

This is the cause if you are using GNU/Linux and you upgraded your system the last week and you find that all of your games are glitching. The solution would be to either downgrade to 19.2.2 or upgrade to 19.2.4.

Mesa 19.3.0-rc3 was also released

The next major version of Mesa is moving forward with a third release-candidate. The changelog since [[ Mesa 19.2.3 And 19.3-rc2 Are Now Available|19.3-rc2 was released slightly over a week ago]] is shorter than it was in the previous release. There is one small fix for the AMD graphics driver and a handful of fixes for the little-used "Zink" driver for running OpenGL over Vulkan. Things appear to be calming down in preperation for a 19.3.0 final release. The complete changelog since 19.3.0-rc2 is as follows;

  • spirv: Don't leak GS initialization to other stages
  • aco: workaround Tonga/Iceland hardware bug
  • zink: make sure src image is transfer-src-optimal
  • cherry-ignore: Update for 19.3-rc3 cycle
  • Bump version for -rc3
  • egl: fix _EGL_NATIVE_PLATFORM fallback
  • zink: use actual format for render-pass
  • zink: always allow mutating the format
  • zink: do not advertize coherent mapping
  • zink: disable fragment-shader texture-lod
  • zink: correct depth-stencil format
  • freedreno/a6xx: Disable geometry shaders for release
  • gallium: dri2: Use index as plane number.
  • radeonsi: fix shader disk cache key
  • Meson: Remove lib prefix from graw and osmesa when building with Mingw. Also remove version sufix from osmesa swrast on Windows.
  • ac: Handle invalid GFX10 format correctly in ac_get_tbuffer_format.

Mesa's release calendar lists 19.3 as scheuled to be released on November 20.