Making dollars and sense of free software funding's future

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"Sustainably funding public goods is hard, just ask your local government. We know free software benefits everyone, whether or not users contributed to its development. How then can we reach the world of everyone working on software they love while making a livable wage?"

Original story by LibrePlanet 2021 and the Free Software Foundation. Published 2021-03-22, Originally published 2021-03-21.
This work is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Video Copyright LibrePlanet 2021 / Free Software Foundation. License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

Let's discuss the current funding platforms, where they work, where they don't, and what does free software really need for a sustainable and successful future?

"Wm Salt Hale is a Seattle local studying Tech+Society at the University of Washington. He is also the Impresario of SeaGL and Community Director at Salt has been a daily GNU/Linux user since 1996 and spends his time thinking about software freedom communities and policy. He tries to be very approachable and will always be found wearing a kilt."

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