Informal chatter to formal decisions: How-to

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"So many repetitive conversations? No forward movement? Everyone getting along mostly, but not sure how to be decisive without clear hierarchy? What could legitimate authorization look like in a decentralized world anyway? This talk touches on specific steps anyone can take." From LibrePlanet 2021.

Original story by LibrePlanet 2021 and the Free Software Foundation. Published 2021-03-21, Originally published 2021-03-21.
This work is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Video Copyright LibrePlanet 2021 / Free Software Foundation. License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)

"Katheryn Sutter, PhD is a long time Debian user and advocate, a democratic-communications analyst, and a retired trainer of boards of directors of nonprofits, cooperatives, co-housing, activist groups, performers, and other community development projects. Since 2003, she has brought her deliberative considerations to free software communities."

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