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Many issues exist in the comic book industry: How to solve the problem of unauthorized sharing? How to protect authors from the asymmetrical relation between them and publishers? Where to find funding to live more fairly when doing art? How can authors be more independent with the tools they use? How to manage derivations, fan fiction and commercial reuse?

Original story by LibrePlanet 2021 and the Free Software Foundation. Published 2021-03-22, Originally published 2021-03-21.
This work is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Video Copyright LibrePlanet 2021 / Free Software Foundation. License: Creative Commons Attribution

The author of Pepper&Carrot - a free/libre webcomic -- will propose new answers to these questions.

"My name is David REVOY, and I'm the author and founder of Pepper and Carrot. Pepper and Carrot is a free/libre webcomic painted and managed with 100% free software, and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. The project is six years old, and has been a relatively good success, with over 1000 patrons, 68 contributors, 56 translations, 3,6 million readers per year, and commercial print versions from publishers in many countries."

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