GNU Screen v.4.7.0 is released with support for Unicode 12.1.0 tables

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If you like to work on more than one thing at a time in a terminal emulator's tab then screen (or tmux) may be for you. The latest version of the GNU Screen terminal multiplexer adds support for OSC 11, SGR 1006 mouse mode, Unicode 12.1.0 and there are also some cross-compilation fixes and a cleaned up manual page.

GNU Screen's key-bindings help page which is accessible from within screen by pressing ctrl-a ?

SGR 1006 is a extended mouse tracking style which is used by xterm. You can read more about it under on xterm's "XTerm Control Sequences" page. It has been around for a decade and a patch adding support for it to screen was proposed all the way back in 2012. Support is now finally in the official GNU Screen release.

Unicode support has also been updated and GNU SCreen 4.7.0 now fully supports Unicode 12.1.0. There really isn't anything even remotely interesting (apart from exactly one Japanese character) in Unicode 12.1.0 but it's probably nice that support is there.

The manual page has also been cleaned up and updated. The screen manual page still very long and it is still great for getting a quick overview of screen's many key-bindings.

The latest version of screen can be downloaded from All the GNU/Linux distributions have the screen package available (but few install it by default). Those who do not want GNU software for some reason may be interested to learn that BSD's tmux does the same job. It is also available in all the GNU/Linux distributions repositories.