GNU Compiler Collection 9.1 released with OpenRISC and AMD Zen support

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The latest version of the popular compiler used by most GNU/Linux distributions has a D language front-end and a back-end for Radeon GCN GPU targets. 9.1 is considered the first "stable" version of GCC in the ninth series although distributions like Fedora 30 were already using 9.0.

New improvements to GCC include:

  • Support for Intel Cascadelake server processors with AVX-512 VNNI by the -march=cascadelake flag
  • Support for the upcoming Ryzen 3000 / Zen 2 CPUs from AMD
  • Support for Arm Neoverse N1 CPUs and other AArch64 Cortex processors.
  • A front-end for the "D" programming language
  • Early back-end support for GCN-based AMD CPUs. The actual OpenMP/OpenACC code to use it isn't in place, though.
  • Improved Bash auto-completion support
  • Early support for the C++2A C++ revision

The new GCC can be downloaded from