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"Web", known as Epiphany before the GNOME theme decided to rename everything according to their function, is GNOME's default web browser. It is built on top of the solid rendering toolkit WebKitGTK which secures accurate web page rendering. The browser is seriously lacking in terms of features but it is possible to use it for basic web browsing.

The package and binary is still called "epiphany". The menu entry and text-strings in the program presents it's name as "Web".

Features and usability


GNOME Web is a very simple program. It is designed to be very easy to use. This is, GNOME style, accomplished by removing any button, feature or configuration option which could possibly confuse the worlds dumbest person.

Adding search-engines is possible, that feature is not yet removed. However, you will have to type in the information yourself; you can not simply visit a website with a search-function and add it by right-clicking the URL-bar (chromium) or the search-field (Firefox).

GNOME Web does have a built-in adblocker. It can be turned on or off in the Web content part of the General preferences. That is the extent of it's configuration options.

All in all GNOME Web is fine for very simple web browsing, it can handle the most basic of basic use-cases.

The more advanced use-cases

GNOME Web does not allow you configure proxy settings since that would be considered a little-used feature and the GNOME developers are very much against features.

Epiphany used to have support for plugins. This was a useful feature so plugin support was removed.

You can view a pages source-code. That is the extent of developer tools built into GNOME Web.

We suspect that everyone who's computer skills go beyond being able to use the on/off switch will find this browser to be seriously lacking in terms of features.

GNOME Web on Ubuntu

The version of GNOME Web on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is specially bad and the version included in Ubuntu 19.04 is also bad.[1] These older versions bare more bugs than the latest versions. The GNOME Web browser on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS doesn't even show jpeg2000 images which means a lot of websites won't display correctly.

Using GNOME Web on Ubuntu will provide you with a really bad experience compared to other distributions.