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The struggle for the freedom of Internet is ever growing. Corporations, and their partner in crime, governments, come up with new clever ideas to restrict free flow of information. Overlords of the truth are trying to recover old control, which the Internet has eroded everywhere in favor of the people.

Original story by Alper Atmaca & Özcan Oğuz (at LibrePlanet 2021. Published 2021-03-22, Originally published 2021-03-21.
This work is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Video Copyright LibrePlanet 2021 / Free Software Foundation. License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

Networking and freedom of communication are meant to be great equalizers. That would be true if carriers of communication signals could come out of thin air. Like the land and means of production, our signals depend on existing infrastructure, and the lords who own them are an obstacle to the freedom of the people. Freifunk is a non-commercial, grassroots initiative to support free computer networks in the German region. We try to apply the same principles in Turkey, bringing power back to the people.

"Alper Atmaca & Özcan Oğuz

Alper was born into the 56K era, and made a potato clock when he was a child. He failed to keep time accurately with potatoes, and upgraded to solar power. When he failed again, he kept learning and became a part of the hacker community. He graduated from law school, become a lawyer, and applies his technological knowledge to law. Strict online privacy advocate, free software user/advocate, Hackerspace Istanbul ( member, and very interested in anything encrypted.

Özcan Oğuz is the president of the Free Software Association (Özgür Yazılım Derneği) in Turkey. Ze started to use computers when ze was 2, in 1999. In 2007, with the Pardus project, ze first encountered free software philosophy and starting from then ze uses exclusively free software in zis devices. Ze graduated from Kadıköy Anadolu High School and Boğaziçi University. From 2016 to 2018, ze was working as publisher and journalist at Çırak mag and Abaküs Kitap. In 2017, ze founded Hackerspace Istanbul in Kadıköy, İstanbul. For three years, ze has been an instructor at Mustafa Akgül Free Software Camps, teaching GNU/Linux system administration."

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