Freedesktop Quietly adds Intel Code of Conduct Enforcer

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The Freedesktop organization were pushed into adopting a Code of Conduct in April, 2017. The same three people have been responsible for enforcing this broad, unclear and subjective policy since that time. A fourth person from Intel was very quietly added to the authoritarian enforcement team on July 19th.

The Freedesktop Code of Conduct was from it's inception enforced by Daniel Stone, Keith Packard and Tollef Fog Heen. Daniel Stone is responsible for subjecting the freedesktop project to a CoC. Keith Packard created of the Snek programming language and Tollef Fog Heen appears to collect dragons.

Intel employee and kernel developer Manasi Navare was very quietly added to the Freedesktop CoC enforcement team on July 19th. She has made many contributions to the kernels i915 driver for Intel graphics as well as DisplayPort-related drm code.

Manasi Navare.jpg
Manasi Navare talking about her work on making the Linux Kernel DisplayPort compliant in February, 2017

Freedesktop's vague "Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct" states that "unwelcome sexual attention or advances" are somehow "unacceptable behavior". Asking a really cute kernel developer like Manasi Navare out on a date would be totally logical and acceptable prior to this 白左 CoC insanity. She would probably have said no and that would be the end of it (apart from some crying at the end of the day). Now there's the additional risk of being kicked out of all freedesktop projects. Asking someone out on a date has, of course, always been a risky proposition; there is and always has been a chance of getting a firm "No". There has never been a sure way of knowing if advances are "unwelcome" or welcome before you try. This may seem obvious - but it's clearly not obvious to the person who wrote the freedesktop's CoC. It's like these people hell-bent on encumbering projects with silly CoCs never went on a date..