Free racing game SuperTuxKart version 1.0 released

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The Mario Kart inspired racing-game SuperTuxKart has reached the 1.0 milestone after 12 years of development. New to version 1.0 is a networked multiplayer mode which works on LANs and servers on the Internet including ranked servers ran by the SuperTuxKart team.

Online multi-player modes includes normal races, time trial, soccer mode, battle-mode and a new Capture-The-Flag mode.

It really is a quite fun and entertaining game. It is best played with some kind of gamepad but it's fine with a keyboard too.

You can click here to install on Ubuntu or download it from the SuperTuxKart website. SuperTuxKart is available for Linux, Windows, macOS and Android too. The hardware requirements are quite low, you need a good graphics card to play at high settings at 4k but it will also work just fine on a laptop with a iGPU at 1080p with low settings. Have fun.

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