Firefox 69.0.3 with nothing new for free software users

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The latest minor version of Firefox which was released on October 10th has a fix for Windows 10 users with Parental Controls enabled and a fix for those using Yahoo's e-mail service. There is absolutely nothing new for those who use variants of the GNU/Linux operating system.

The entire changelog on's releasenotes/ page is:

  • Fixed download errors for Windows 10 users with Parental Controls enabled (bug 1586228)
  • Fixed Yahoo mail users being prompted to download files when clicking on emails (bug 1582848)

Windows 10 changes are, of course, not that interesting if you do not use it and Yahoo's owned by Verizon Media who does not have a single working website. They all show a blurry website with some silly request to invade your privacy instead of actual websites:

Firefox showing Yahoo's broken website. All of Verizon Media's websites look like this. None of them work, none of them have any content. We have no idea what kind of business model they have which makes blurry websites profitable, it may be that all their profits come from local ISP monopolies in the American "free market".

Yahoo and Verizon Media will show some warning in a gibberish language regardless of what intl.accept_languages in Firefox is set to instead of en-US,en if you ask for English versions of their useless blurry pages. The Firefox fix for their e-mail service is therefore irrelevant as their online e-mail service doesn't work anyway.

Firefox 69.0.3 is available from There is no reason to upgrade if you are using a 69.0.x version of it.