End Of The Read for Arch Linux fork Antergos

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The developers of the the seven year old Arch Linux fork Antergos have announced that they are closing the project. It's over, Antergos is finished. Users of Antergos do not need to worry too much though, the distribution was not more than plain Arch Linux with some extra packages and distribution repositories on top. It will keep on working without the extra Antergos-bits.

The developers had this to say regarding their reasons for closing down:

"Today, we are announcing the end of this project. As many of you probably noticed over the past several months, we no longer have enough free time to properly maintain Antergos. We came to this decision because we believe that continuing to neglect the project would be a huge disservice to the community. Taking this action now, while the project’s code still works, provides an opportunity for interested developers to take what they find useful and start their own projects."

Antergos users will not have to take any action. The developers will simply release one last final update to Antergos which removes the Antergos repositories and converts it to plain Arch Linux.

The Antergos forum and wiki will remain online until everyone's moved on.