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"I've always been a free software programmer, a contractor to the rich and already powerful so they could use free software to its fullest. But, users, normal everyday users, are left out, and their needs are often different from business, universities and other large organizations who can afford to pay developers."

Original story by LibrePlanet 2021 and the Free Software Foundation. Published 2021-03-21, Originally published 2021-03-21.
This work is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Video Copyright LibrePlanet 2021 / Free Software Foundation. License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

"I wanted to develop Inkscape for users, and to do this I have started asking users to fund me directly. Four Inkscape developers currently use a personal funding platform to try and raise the money needed to make our activities more stable and user-focused. Come hear about my experiences setting up and operating in a federated and fragmented system and how we can move free software economics from business versus volunteers to a more equitable settlement for users and developers."

"by Martin Owens, a free software programmer who has worked on the Ubuntu project, generics, space, embedded infrastructure, Web sites, and much more besides. Focused currently on Inkscape, and economics in the free software ecosystem."

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