Disney+ Will Not Work On GNU/Linux Machines

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In a blast from the past when video sites required Flash and DRM to function we're back to a situation where some streaming video services can not be used on GNU/Linux machines. There is a chromium plugin called "widevine" for Netflix. A Slackware developer who has had access to Disney+ during their pre-release testing period reports that the "widevine" plugin does not work with Disney+. You simply will not be able to view their ruined Star Wars story-line or their ripped off and barely-modified yet copyrighted forever characters like Mickey Mouse on a GNU/Linux machine.

Disney is launching a new streaming service called Disney+. You will not be able to watch it on a GNU/Linux machines.

Wivedine is a DRM provider which is used by Netflix, Disney+ and others. There is a Wivedine Chromium browser plugin for GNU/Linux available and that plugin can be used to watch Netflix. But it will not work with the new Disney+ streaming service.

Disney+ requires a even tighter DRM restriction than Netflix. They are using a "security" level which is higher than the highest "security" level the GNU/Linux Wivedine plugin supports. The result is that all video playback attempts result in a "Error 83".

Slackware developer Eric Hameleers (AlienBOB), who has done extensive testing using his access to Disney+'s prepaunch testing service, proposes that you "Go and write a letter of complaint" if you really want to be able to watch Disney+ on a GNU/Linux machine. Disney+ does work on Android devices so you could, alternatively, just grab an Android tablet or a Android-powered top-set box. Installing Windows 10 is another option, if you are willing to install the proprietary closed-source Wivedine plugin so you can submit to DRM then Windows 10 and it's spying telemetry is probably right up your alley. There is, of course, also possible to refuse to watch watch the low-quality mostly ripped-off and slightly changed subtle-propaganda-riddled content Disney is spewing out these days.