Dell Launches "budget friendly" Ubuntu-Loaded Precision Laptop Starting At $700+ USD

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Dell has had some more expensive Developer Edition laptop offerings in the XPS series for some time. They are now expanding with more budget-oriented Dell Precision 3540 Linux-laptops starting at seven hundred dollars.

The laptops are sold in Windows and Ubuntu variants and you get a $65 rebate if you choose Ubuntu. It is essentially a not-Windows-infested option with a rebate. The Dell Precision 3540 mobile "workstation" can be delivered from CPUs ranging from i5-8365U to i7-8665U and pre-installed RAM in the 4-32 GB range.

The only major downside with this machine is the screen options, you can choose between a non-described display type (=TN) and "WVA" which just means a slightly better TN panel. There is no IPS option for those who are not satisfied with a horrible screen with washed-out looking colors. It is also important to be aware that the default storage option is a 500 GB HDD like it's the 1990s. There is, however, a M.2 256GB SATA option at a $120 price-premium.

Dell story is that more laptops with an option to use Ubuntu will become available in the near future.