26. August 2006: libquicktime-0.9.10 released

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This is a bugfix release, no new features were added.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed writing of compressed frames. This is an important feature for dvgrab and kino.
  • Fixed seeking for some codecs
  • The sourcetree and CVS got cleaned up.

The previous release, however, from libquicktime-0.9.9 (29. June 2006) had some important new features:

  • Read/Write support for: DVCPRO50 video, OpenDML AVIs, mp4/m4a files and Quicktime 7 lpcm audio
  • H.264 encoding using x264.
  • Greatly improved and tested file compatibility. Files created by libquicktime are known to be playable on the following players:
    • Quicktime 7: mov files with AAC or LPCM audio and MPEG-4 ASP or H.264/AVC video. Multichannel informations are supported (and correctly recognized) as well. Furthermore, Quicktime 7 plays our .mp4 and .m4a files, without multichannel though. Reading/writing of iTunes metadata works as well. For video encoding, the recommendation is to use conservative codec settings. Savest is to start with the defaults and then explore what's supported.
      • Divx player: AVI with mp3 and DivX (3.11 or 4+). Slightly better ODML support.
  • Much more and better organized/documented ffmpeg encoding options.
  • Support for multipass encoding. Multipass enabled encoders are ffmpeg and x264.

Transcode, Kino and Open Movie Editor are among the applications who rely on libquicktime for Quicktime-support.

Support for Quicktime v7 MP4 files is a good reason to upgrade your version of libquicktime.