2006-11-05: Vidalia 0.0.9 is released

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Vidalia is a GUI for the Tor anonymity network

Vidalia 0.0.9 is released.

0.0.9 fixes a couple bugs in the message log and includes an improved interface for setting up a Tor server. The Windows Vidalia and bundle installers now also support multiple languages and the Windows bundle includes Torbutton as well.[1]

The complete changelog: [2]

  • Added a new, more intuitive interface for setting a server's bandwidth rate and exit policies.
  • Improved our ./configure script so it will detect old or non-debug versions of Qt and link accordingly.
  • Added support for more easily building Qt as a Universal binary on OS X.
  • Added a right-click option to circuits listed in the network map dialog to close the circuit (Ticket #176).
  • Added a right-click option to servers listed in the network map dialog to zoom in on the server on the map (Ticket #176).
  • Stop using a custom font and just use the platform default on all dialogs.
  • Add "Close Window" shortcuts for Linux (Ctrl+W).
  • Fixed a crash bug that would occur when saving messages in the message log (Ticket #185).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause messages with identical timestamps to not get copied to the clipboard (Ticket #190).
  • Ask if the user wants to delay shutting down their server when Vidalia exits, to give clients time to find new circuits. We previously only did this when the user stopped Tor, but wasn't exiting Vidalia.
  • If Windows is restarting, then don't ask about delaying a server shut down; just stop Tor and exit immediately so Windows doesn't yell at us.
  • Detect if Tor was installed as an NT service prior to Vidalia, so we don't accidentally remove it.
  • Create a new torrc and specify a control port for the Tor NT service, so it doesn't die when the user tries to start the service and we don't have to tell the user to go add a line to their torrc.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Vidalia to crash if it tried to read in a bogus geoip-cache file from its data directory (Ticket #184).
  • Refuse to cache information we did not ask for that we received in response to a GeoIP request.
  • Wait no more than ten seconds after queueing a GeoIP request before sending it, so requests don't starve if we keep constantly getting new descriptors.
  • Ask Tor what its SocksPort and SocksAddress is before building our GeoIP request, instead of always assuming Tor is listening on
  • Explicitly specify the sort order for the message log and server list, so things aren't backwards when linking with Qt 4.2.x.
  • Add support for translating the Vidalia and Vidalia bundle installers.
  • Start bundling Torbutton with the Vidalia bundle installer.
  • Add a Norwegian (Bokmal) translation contributed by xiando.
  • Updates to the Finnish, French, German, and Polish translations.