2006-09-29: Tor v0.1.1.24 released

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The Tor developers are proud to present yet another stable version of the Tor onion router.

What is Tor?

In bullet summary, we know:

  • Tor allows you to surf the web and use other Internet services anonymously, and
  • Tor allows you to publish websites and run other TCP services anonymously from a hidden location (known as "hidden services")

What is new?

The official story, as presented by the developers, is this:

Changes in version - 2006-09-29

  • Major bugfixes:
    • Allow really slow clients to not hang up five minutes into their directory downloads (suggested by Adam J. Richter).
    • Fix major performance regression from 0.1.0.x: instead of checking whether we have enough directory information every time we want to do something, only check when the directory information has changed. This should improve client CPU usage by 25-50%.
    • Don't crash if, after a server has been running for a while, it can't resolve its hostname.
  • Minor bugfixes:
    • Allow Tor to start when RunAsDaemon is set but no logs are set.
    • Don't crash when the controller receives a third argument to an "extendcircuit" request.
    • Controller protocol fixes: fix encoding in "getinfo addr-mappings" response; fix error code when "getinfo dir/status/" fails.
    • Fix configure.in to not produce broken configure files with more recent versions of autoconf. Thanks to Clint for his auto* voodoo.
    • Fix security bug on NetBSD that could allow someone to force uninitialized RAM to be sent to a server's DNS resolver. This *nly affects NetBSD and other platforms that do not bounds-check tolower().
    • Warn user when using libevent 1.1a or earlier with win32 or kqueue methods: these are known to be buggy.
    • If we're a directory mirror and we ask for "all" network status documents, we would discard status documents from authorities we don't recognize.