2006-02-27: Gentoo 2006.0 released

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The first Gentoo Linux in the 2006 series is now available.

Gentoo Linux 2006.0 allows you to choose between the three most popular desktop environments (KDE, GNOME and XFCE) and is based on GCC 3.4.4 and a 2.6.15 kernel.

This milestone release is the first to include the brand new Gentoo Linux Installer, official support for EM64T, a fully-fledged Gnome environment, and NPTL toolchains in various architectures.

Architectures from Alpha to Sparc have improved significantly over 2005.1, providing more features and options than ever before, and with PPC64 making Gentoo the first Linux distribution to provide optimized packages not only for the G5, but also the POWER5 architecture.

More details about this release can be found on the Release Engineering project's announcement page.