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Twitch is a live streaming platform owned by American technology giant Amazon. It is home to a decreasing number of popular streams due to the platforms owners increasing eagerness to ban the most popular streams from their platform.


The Jinny Ban

Korean streamer Jinny (Jinnytty) got a two week ban from the Twitch platform after mentioning that she was bored with a video game she was playing late July 2020.

Jinny happened to mention that she did not "want to look at this transgender anymore" while she was playing the Abba character in the proprietary game "The Last of Us Part II" when she got tired of playing that game.[1]

Jinny publicly apologized for the statement and got the ban reduced to 8 hours.


There are no very easy to use strait-forward free software packages that are suitable for creating a website with functionality similar to Twitch. PeerTube is a good alternative if you want to record video first and stream it later. It does not have any live-streaming functionality.


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