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Termite is a discontinued terminal emulator that was based on the VTE library maintained by GNOME. The developer gave up maintaining it due to a series of problems with the VTE maintainers and GNOME in general in May 2021.

Termite developer and security researcher Daniel "thestinger" Micay left this message in the projects README.rst file on May 7th:


You should use Alacritty instead of Termite. It has a keyboard-based selection mode inspired by Termite and Alacritty 0.8 adds a generic regex hints mode comparable to Termite's URL hints mode. The user interface is very much in the same spirit as Termite including a very minimal user interface delegating handling tabs and splits to a window manager like i3. Alacritty is dramatically faster than VTE along with being significantly more robust and secure. It's written in a modern, safe programming language (Rust) and uses OpenGL for efficient rendering.

If you've packaged Termite in a repository, we would highly appreciate if you could communicate our recommendation to end users as part of phasing out and retiring the package. Alacritty is the only proper replacement for Termite and it took until the 0.8 release currently available as a release candidate for us to be able to wholeheartedly recommend it.

We strongly recommend against trying to continue the development of Termite with a fork. You should contribute to Alacritty instead. VTE is a terrible base for building a modern, fast and safe terminal emulator. It's slow, brittle and difficult to improve. VTE is treated as simply being the GNOME Terminal widget rather than a library truly intended to be useful to others. They've gone out of the way to keep useful APIs private due to hostility towards implementing any kind of user interface beyond what they provide. In 2012, we submitted a tiny patch exposing the APIs needed for the keyboard text selection, hints mode and other features. Despite support from multiple other projects, the patch was rejected. It's now almost a decade later and no progress has been made. There is no implementation of these kinds of features in VTE and it's unlikely they'll be provided either internally or as flexible APIs. This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their hostility towards other projects using VTE as a library. GTK and most of the GNOME project are much of the same. Avoid them and don't make the mistake of thinking their libraries are meant for others to use."

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