Richard Stallman: Freedom in your computer and in the net (2014-12-29)

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Freedom in your computer and in the net is a lecture by Richard Stallman. This is from the 31st Chaos Computer Club congress in Germany.

For freedom in your own computer, the software must be free.

For freedom on the internet, we must organize against surveillance, censorship, SaaSS (Software as a Service substitute) and the war against sharing.

License: CC BY 3.0

"The purpose of a non-free program is to subjugate people. And typically that leads to malicious functionalities. Many of the most widely non-free programs are MALWARE. Now, note that malware is totally different issue, a different concept. The difference between free software and proprietary software is a matter of how the program is distributed to users, on what conditions for instance it's distributed. And the same code, any code, could be distributed as free software, any code could be distributed as proprietary software. Sometimes the same code is distributed both ways in parallel. It's a matter of how the code is distributed. It is not a technical issue, it is not a technical distinction between free and proprietary. Technical distinctions are things like what features does the program have, how does it work, how was the code written? Those are all technical things. This is a social, ethical and political distinction which is why it is so important."

Richard Stallman (10m40s)



14 months ago
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its a shame those weirdos had him sacked over the Epstein crime case, which Stallman was just analysing in an e-mail. PC running amok!

Anonymous user #1

14 months ago
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great speech by Stallman. we need to stop unfree software.
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