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Developed byChristian Dywan and Nancy Runge. Mostly Christian.
Initial release2007
TypeWeb browser
LicenseGNU General Public License
Websitegithub: midori-browser

Midori is web browser which aims to be fast and lightweight. It's made using the WebKitGTK rendering engine. It is developed by Christian Dywan who happens to be a very nice guy.

Out of the box experience[edit | edit source]

Midori version 7.0, which is what is shipped with both Fedora 30 and Ubuntu Disco Dingo, fails miserably in terms of absolutely basic usability which makes it a non-starter.

There is a fundamental problem you will immediately notice on a higher DPI monitor: Midori clearly doesn't care about your DPI settings. Both the browser interface and rendered web pages are way too small. Worse, there is no way to configure fonts or font-sizes. Most disturbing: Pressing ctrl+ to make the page bigger does nothing. Every sane browser made the last decade supports enlarging text with ctrl+, shrinking it with ctrl- and resetting it to the default with ctrl 0.

Resizing with <ctrl> and the mousewheel - also a standard feature of modern web browsers - also doesn't work.

A web browser is utterly useless when you can't read the text on the pages you're visiting because it's way too small and there's no way to change that.

The snap experience[edit | edit source]

You can install a snap version. On Fedora you first need to install snap with dnf -y install snapd. When you have snap you can get an updated Midori with

snap install midori

and once it's installed you can run it with

snap run midori

The version you get as of late May 2019 v7-34-g0c5820f. This version has the exact same problem: You can't resize web-pages or change fonts or do anything to make them readable.

Deal-breaking missing features[edit | edit source]

The following problem was described by us testing a version in 2012:

Midori DOES NOT let you right-click and select the language used by the spell-checker. This means that it is basically useless for writing and contributing on the web if you are multi-lingual individual.

v7-34-g0c5820f doesn't have any spell-checking at all so that's .. no longer an issue.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

We had such high hopes for Midori when it was first released back in 2007. More than a decade later it's just not an alternative.