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Original author(s)Carl Schwan
Initial releaseSeptember 2020
Repositoryinvent.kde.org /accessibility/kontrast
Written inC++
Operating systemLinux, Plasma Mobile, Android
PlatformKDE Frameworks
TypeUsability engineering
LicenseGNU GPL v3
KDE Katie.png

Kontrast is a really simple program that will show you some example text and two color selectors that let you choose a text font color and a background color. Kontrast will give the colors you have selected a "Contrast ratio" score and tell you if they are "Perfect for normal and large text" or "Bad for large and normal text". And that's it.

Kontrast can't score text in images or screenshots or web pages or anything like that, you can choose a text color and a background color and get a contrast score for that and that is all it does.

Kontrast can be a useful program if you are developing some program or making a web page and you want to make sure the color combinations you are using are actually readable to all of your users. That is important because there are people with very poor eye-sight using applications and websites.

Kontrast is available for Linux, Android and Plasma Mobile.

Kontrast In Action

Kontrast 1.0.2 bad.jpg
Kontrast telling you that #55ffff and #ffffff are a bad combination. Kontrast 1.0.2 Good.jpg
Kontrast telling you that #0002aa and #ffffff are a good combination with high contrast resulting in high readability.


The Kontrast source code can be cloned from invent.kde.org/accessibility/kontrast. Building it using cmake is really easy if you're a wizard who knows how to build software. You need cmake and the KDE framework libraries and that's it.

A binary Flatpak package is available at flathub.org/apps/details/org.kde.kontrast.

There are some Android apk packages at binary-factory.kde.org/job/Kontrast_android/. It is not available in the F-Droid repositority so you will probably have to use the KDE binary-factory packages if you want to use it on Android.

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