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Hannah Montana Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution themed after some TV show which was popular in the US in the early 2000s. There was only one intital release in 2008, there were no further releases. It was based on a now very old version of KUbuntu, Ubuntu's KDE-desktop flavoured spin. It had a distinct custom KDE theme and a purple icon pack. That's it, that's everything which seperated Hannah Montana Linux from the regular KUbuntu release.

Hanna Montana Linux features KDE Plasma 4.2, which is ancient. The icons are mostly KDEs Oxygen theme, popular at the time of Hannah Montana Linux's release, with about half the icons shaded pink or purple.

Hanna Montana Linux featured the KDE Plasma 4.2 desktop environment.

Making your own GNU/Linux distribution like Hannah Montana Linux

There's zero reason to install an ancient version of KUbuntu from 2008 with an outdated version of the KDE Plasma desktop just to get a Hanna Montana themed desktop. The better alternative is to simply download the icons and the theme and use that with a modern GNU/Linux distribution. The icons and wallpapers can be used on modern KDE versions as well as other desktop environments such as XFCE4.

Xfce with icons and wallpaper from Hannah Montana Linux on Fedora 30.

Here's the icons:

Unpack the icons and place them in either /usr/share/icons/ or $HOME/.local/share/icons.

Getting the rest of a modern GNU/Linux distributions desktop Hannah Montana themed may be slightly more tricky. You can use the KDE 4.2 theme file from Hannah Montana Linux as a starting point:

That file has the following folders: bootscreen kdm ksplash plasma wallpapers - it does not include the icons (download the icon file listed above separately).

The wallpapers can be used as is. Using the rest of the 10+ year old theme files is more tricky. The kdm display manager for KDE is discontinued, modern KDE uses SSDM so that theme can not be used on modern KDE without some modificaitons. The ksplash theme is still usable and so are the wallpapers. KDE Plasma changed quite a lot between KDE 4 and 5 but you could make the Plasma theme work with some effort. Good luck.

Plymouth Boot Theme

We have taken it upon ourselves to convert the usplash theme from the original Hannah Montana Linux release to a modern Plymouth theme.

Name/Preview Archive Plymouth module
Hannah Montana Bootsplash
Hannah montana linux plymouth theme.jpg
Hannah Montana-Plymouth-Theme-1.0.tar.bz2 script


Hannah Montana Linux is still available for download at http://hannahmontana.sourceforge.net/ in case you want to try the full distribution.


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used it to email [redacted]

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This is interesting. I had no idea that Hanna Montana Linux existed! I am a big fan of Linux Mint, but I am a huge fan of the 1998 show, "The New Addams Family"!

That would be my choice for a themed Linux Distro!

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You're a big fan

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This is based and epic

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you sir, are a coward
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