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There are several rather advanced freeware graphics benchmarking solutions and some very simple useless free software programs you can use to benchmark graphics performance on GNU/Linux machines. Here is a list.

Free software

  • glmark2 runs a series of really simple OpenGL ES tests and produces a score. glmark2 does not use any very advanced features and the results are not very useful.
  • vkmark is based on glmark2, it is the exact same test implemented using Vulkan. It is limited to a small subset of Vulkan features and the tests it runs are, like the glmark2 tests, not at all advanced. It is not a very useful benchmark.

Non-free software

  • Basemark GPU Is a nice proprietary graphics benchmark program from Finland. It can be used to benchmark OpenGL and Vulkan performance.
  • GpuTest by Geeks3D is a freeware OpenGL benchmark program for Windows, macOS and Linux. The latest version is from 2014. There are packages for ancient versions of Ubuntu and openSUSE available. Trying to get it running on a modern GNU/Linux system is not worth the hassle.
  • GFXBench has a few OpenGL tests you can run and use to compare one machine with another. It does not produce any overall score but it does produce detailed information about each test it runs.
  • UNIGINE Superposition is a very advanced freeware OpenGL benchmark. It runs perfectly on GNU/Linux with the Mesa graphics drivers. The 17 graphics scenes it renders are very advanced and graphics intensive. The scores it produces are easily comparable between systems. It is one of the better alternatives if you want to compare one machines graphics performance with another.

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