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gpicview is a really simple image viewer which lets you easily browse the images in one folder and that's it. Changing folders isn't easy; you have to choose "open image" and navigate the pile picker and pick an image in a folder. That alone makes it painful to use as a general-purpose image-browser. There is no folder tree view or other easy way to switch folders. gpicview hasn't been updated since version 0.2.5 was released in 2016.

Features and usability[edit | edit source]


You can fit images to window as long as they are larger than the window. The zoom-to-window setting is remembered.

Navigating the images in a single folder is easy, you can use space and the arrow keys (up or left and right or down for next/previous). You have to use the mouse and open the file picker and choose an image in another folder to switch folders. That's not a very quick or easy way to switch between folders. If you're fine with that then perhaps gpicview is for you.

You can do the most basic image editing: images can be rotated and flipped vertically and horizontally. And that's it.

gpicview is fine for browsing the images of just one folder. It's nothing for use-cases beyond that and it's not really very usable as a general-purpose image-viewer.

Future development[edit | edit source]

gpicview was developed as part of LXDE which is now abandoned for LxQt. Thus; it appears that further development of gpicview is unlikely.

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