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GNOME "Image Viewer", formally known as "Eye Of Gnome", is a very basic and limited image viewer made for and only for the GNOME desktop. It's fine for browsing through images in just one folder and that's all it's good for.

Features and usability


GNOME Image Viewer let's you easily browse through image files in one folder. You have to click a button in the upper right corner to get a pop-out menu (it lacks a menu-bar) where you can click "open" if you want to switch to another folder. This opens a file-picker where you have to choose an image file in another folder, not the folder itself, to switch to that folder. This gets real burdensome real quick if you want to browse through images in different folders or a tree of folders.

GNOME Image Viewer used to have a toolbar with some useful features when it was named Eye Of Gnome. This toolbar, as well as all the features it had, have since been removed.

It is possible to show a small window with basic properties and EXIF data to the right of images. There is no option of showing anything beyond image size, type, file-size, folder and EXIF data.

There is an option of zooming images to "Best fit" to have larger images scale down. Smaller images are not up-scaled.

GNOME Image Viewer is quite unusable for anything beyond browsing through images in just one folder. There is no folder tree or other quick and sensible way to switch between folders. It's features are really limited. It is as good as useless as a general-purpose image viewer. geeqie is miles ahead of it in terms of both ease of use and features.


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