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FSF is working on an official port of Emacs to Google's toy operating system, for the upcoming Emacs 30.1 release. This is a port of its nice GUI (not only text as before), and it's already very usable, if you have a suitable keyboard. It can be downloaded from two places: F-Droid's store and Sourceforge.

Once you install Emacs, you will fall into a vicious cycle of endless exploration and customization of this editor. The most essential is to grant it permission to access storage:.

Prior to Android 11, granting Emacs rights to access this directory
can be performed from the Permissions menu in the App Info settings
panel, by enabling the option labeled Storage; after Android 11, the
path to the setting has changed, and must instead be granted from the
Special App Access menu in Settings.

Because F-Droid's version lacks GNUTLS for some reason, you'd then want to install a version from SourceForge, to play with MELPA (an alternative package archive). Not that MELPA will work, you will have to find a strange workaround to install some packages.

The author of the port also suggests you install the version of Termux signed by him, to make Emacs and Termux interoperable. See the README on Sourceforge for more details.