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Eagle Island is a typical 2D platform game set on an island with obstacles such as evil birds, man-eating plants and mushrooms. You play a red-haired hero who abuses his bird to kill all the things on the island that's out to get him. The game is non-free in terms of both freedom and price. There is a free to play demo as well as a paid full edition available on Steam with versions for Linux and Windows and something called "mac OS".

Graphics and Gameplay

Eagle Island

Eagle Island's graphics is pixelated and not very impressive. It looks like it's made for a mobile phone screen and scaled up work on a Linux desktop screen.

The gameplay consists of walking around an island with a Owl companion, looking for trouble. The Owl is the characters primary weapon. It can be used to attack birds, plants, mushrooms and things like that. The gameplay is not extremely varied. You walk around, run into some plants or birds or other life-forms and you hurdle your Owl at them. That's about it. You hold down the attack button to aim your Owl before releasing it. The game will freeze your character if you start aiming mid-air.

Getting used to the available controls, which are the arrow keys and s z x c not w a s d for some reason, does not take much practice.

The levels and gameplay is not very varied, at least not in the demo. It's mostly repetitive killing of innocent plants and birds in different settings.

No Joystick support

The first disappointment when trying this game was the lack of joystick support. It simply does not work even though Steam is aware of it and other games support it. No joystick support is of course a step up from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which just crashes if the joystick is connected. Still, it's a bummer since a game like this would be more fun with a joystick than it is using a keyboard.

Verdict and conclusion

Eagle Island reminds us of a few classical platform games like Metal Slug, SuperTux and even Sonic The Hedgehog for some reason. It looks more like a 10-15 year old game SNES console game than a brand new modern title from mid-2019. The graphics is pixelated and mediocre and the gameplay is repetitive and dull. It's absolutely not worth the 17 EUR they are demanding for a full copy of the game. There is a "demo" version of the game available in the Steam store so you can totally try it out for free if you believe our review is biased against non-free software or something.

The website GamingOnLinux gave it a warm recommendation with nothing but praise. Their "review" notes that '"Key provided by Screen Wave Media." which may or may not explain why they hold it in such a high regard.


The game is available in the Steam Store as app #681110: Eagle Island.

It's homepage is at https://eagleislandgame.com/



29 months ago
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Joystick support on Windows isn't very relevant when joystick's don't work on Linux. This is, after all, LinuxReviews not WindowsReviews. I don't even have a Windows. I don't know why 1/3rd of all Steam games have trouble with joysticks under Linux and either don't see it or crash when it's plugged in but that's the situation. And you actually propose that I pay good money on it and spend more time on it when I can't even use a gamepad and I could be watching fan-cams of WJSNs latest song instead? If you like the game then great, good for you. However, it kind of sounds like you're one of the developers and you're upset because I didn't enjoy it. People are different. Some like games like this one, some like k-pop music videos. That's life.
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